Universal Joint Products

A split block design for positive lubrication means your joints are made to last from wear and tear.

Universal Joints

Built better and more affordable… Wakefield Thermal's Universal Joints from Alves are the ultimate products in motion linkage. All wear parts are heat-treated for increased life. The split block design provides a positive lubrication reservoir for long life and low wear. The pins move resistance-free within the bushings, while the bushings remain fixed with the yokes. Standard joints produced from high-grade alloy steel for extra durability and each part of the same joint is completely interchangeable. All parts are produced to extremely close tolerances, and fitted exactly to meet the most rigid backlash requirements. The Blue Block design is available in stainless steel with keyways and with many custom configurations. Protective coverings are also available for use in contaminated atmospheres.

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Typical Applications:

  • Agricultural Equipment
  • Printing Equipment
  • Packaging Conveying Equipment
  • Food Processing Equipment
  • Pump Adjustments
  • Manual Adjustments
  • Woodworking Equipment

Alves Solid Block Universal Joints:

Standard pin and block type manufactured from high-grade alloy steel for extra durability, strength, and long life. Ideal for angles up to 25 degrees and speeds to 1750 rpm. Available for greater angles and higher speeds; with heat-treated yokes and matched components for heavy-duty applications; and with round, hex, splined, or keyway bores. Also available in stainless steel alloys, bronze, and other materials for corrosive, sanitation, or similar applications.

Alves “Double” Universal Joints:

Connects two Blue Block, Hex Block or Solid Block Joints to compensate for shaft separation and parallel misalignment. Available with round hex, splined, or keyway bores. Catalog numbers in table are for Blue Block style, Butt type. Consult factory for Hex and Solid Block styles, Shaft and Center Types, and for spring loaded assemblies, such as those used for multi-spindle drills.

Alves Low Cost, Self Lubricating, Hex Block Universal Joint:

An inexpensive riveted joint, designed for low torque for manual, intermittent, or light duty. Unique center block is produced from out own proprietary powdered metal formulation and sintering process. With its own self-contained oil supply the block not only acts as a carrying member for the cross-pins, but also as a continuous lubricated bearing block. As a result, the Hex Block Joint lasts longer than other comparable units and is ideal for applications where oiling is required but impractical due to the universal joint location. Maximum operating angle on standard models is 35 degrees. Hex Block Joints can be special ordered for greater angles and other characteristics.

Alves Needle Bearing Universal Joints:

These are the only repairable needle bearing joints on the market. Using the Alves Blue Block design with modified and special hardened pins and the highest quality, pre-lubricated and sealed needle bearings in the hubs, they are easily repaired on site using the inexpensive special repair kit available from your local distributor, or from Alves direct. They are physically interchangeable with competing units and provide the precision and reliability required for demanding applications requiring speeds to 6,000 rpm and operating angles to 25 degrees. Greater angular operation can be achieved by utilizing a double universal joint.

Boot Kits:

Protects joints from dirt and contaminants. Adds lubrication capacity, quickly and easily replaced in the field. Plastic straps standard. Stainless steel straps available.

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