System Level Packaging

Wakefield Thermal provides a variety of System Level Packaging solutions for high level systems. These solutions include MicroTCA system modules, CompactPCI and VME plug-in solutions, and powerful backplanes for efficient system communication.


As an amendment to the AdvancedTCA standard, the MicroTCA specification mTCA.x was created as a compact version for a variety of applications. MicroTCA offers standardized modularity, compact design, high scalability, and bandwidth. Additionally, the consistent platform strategy reduces the time to market. Whenever fast data transmission data storage is required, MicroTCA systems are the first choice.


Wakefield Thermal supplies complete plug & play solutions for VME and CompactPCI applications at a high level – up to Level 5. The systems are based on standardized components, which may be individually combined, depending on requirements. They are supplied completely with power supply, backplane, measures for EMC and ESD protection, as well as climate control, and come fully assembled, pre-wired and tested.


Wakefield Thermal offers an extensive range of powerful backplanes for both CompactPCI and VME.

The models available for CompactPCI include:

  • Backplanes 3 U
  • Backplanes 6 U
  • Power Supply Board 9 U Monolithic with Power Supply Connector
  • Power Supply Board 3 U/3.5 U
  • Power Supply Board 6 U/6.5 U, 8 HP
  • Power Supply Board 6 U/6.5 U, 16 HP

The VMEbus, based on standard IEEE 1014 and IEC 821, has become established worldwide as an industry standard. The VME64 is a new addition to the VME family to ANSI/VITA 1-1994 and supports 64-bit data traffic. The VME64x extends the VME family to ANSI/VITA 1.1-1997 and is available with the optional 133-pole 2 mm connector J0. 160-pole connectors are used with VME64x.

The models available for CompactCPI include:

  • Backplanes VME J1/J2 Monolithic
  • Backplanes VME 64x
  • VME J1 System Bus
  • VME J2 Expansion Bus
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