Thermal Solutions

Wakefield Thermal is known for our high-quality, performance-driven Thermal Solutions. Heat control and dissipation are our specialty, and we supply a wide range of products tailored to specific applications and parts. Our products include heatsinks, fans, cold plates, heat exchangers, heat pipes, thermoelectric assemblies, and much more, as well as an abundance of thermal accessories to grant you greater control over the heat in your devices.

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Air Cooled Thermal Solutions:

Wakefield Thermal offers a wide selection of high-performance air cooled thermal solutions so you can easily and effectively cool your electronics at an affordable price point.

Our air cooled thermal solutions involved natural convection, which is a mechanism of heat transportation in which the fluid motion is not generated by an external source. Instead the fluid motion is caused by buoyancy, the difference in fluid density between two locations, which is most commonly due to a temperature difference between those two locations.

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Air Mover Thermal Solutions:

Wakefield Thermal offers a selection of high-quality air movers to maintain a consistent flow of cool air on thermal applications and promote efficient operating temperatures. DC Fans, DC Blowers, and CPU Coolers are available as complete units that can be installed onto your device to achieve optimum temperature and performance.

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Liquid Cooled Thermal Solutions:

Liquid cooling is just like forced convection in that fluid is forced through the system by an external source like a pump. While most applications use water or water/glycol mixtures as the primary fluids, any liquid can be used, including liquid refrigerants, fluorocarbons, gasoline, hydraulic fluid, or oil to name a few. Liquids are more efficient than forced air because the specific heat of liquid is higher than the specific heat of air and just like forced air cooling, liquid cooling is most efficient if the fluid is turbulent. However, turbulent flow puts a strain on the pump.

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Thermal Accessories:

Wakefield Thermal offers precisions clamps, wedgelocks, front panels, and thermal interface material as a way to complete the packaged solution. Precision clamps are used to secure SCRs and other puck-style devices to the heat sink, and can be combined with the heat sink to form an easy-to-assemble kit. Wakefield Thermal does offer a few standard interface materials (grease, epoxy), but we work with all interface material manufacturers and can pre-apply most materials to the heat sink. Wakefield Thermal also offers a line of wedgelocks which are used with heat frames/conduction plates to provide the necessary clamping force to ensure good thermal transfer. Front panels associated with VME, PCI, ATCA, and other industry standards are also available.

Two Phase Cooling Thermal Solutions

Two Phase Cooling or fluid phase change applications, often referred to as “re-circulating,” use closed loop heat pipes to transfer heat quickly through evaporation and condensation within the heat pipe. Because of their high thermal efficiency, heat pipes are often designed into advanced heat sink technologies when increased thermal density or physical size restrictions exist.

Wakefield Thermal offers a selection of high-quality two phase cooling solutions for your electronics. All products are built to the highest specifications to allow your device to run at the optimal operating temperature for as long as required.

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