Skived Fin Heatsink Products

Copper or aluminum extrusion technology for fin density not achieved by regular extrusion heatsinks.

Skived Fin Heatsinks

Skived Fin heatsinks can be an alternative to extruded heatsinks when looking for a fin density that can’t be achieved by extrusion technology. Skived heatsinks can be manufactured from either copper or aluminum and usually have 0.5 (0.020”) thick fins.

Click here to download the Skived Fin Heatsinks Data Sheet


Skived heatsinks are produced using a series of sharp knives that, as they pass over the material, curl up a small thickness of metal which is then bent vertically to form the fin. Skived fins are produced from a bar of material which is approximately 16 feet in length and then cut to length as required by the final application.

The final heatsink can be machined using normal fabrication techniques. Because of the thin fins, care must be taken in handling to prevent damage. It is suggested that a shroud be placed over the fins to help prevent damage.

Wakefield Thermal offers standard off-the-shelf solutions for customer applications in addition to custom solutions utilizing a plastic pin attachment.

  • Plastic push pin attachment for easy insertion
  • Plastic pins ensure integrity of the PCB Board
  • High fin densities in comparison to extrusion
  • No interface between fins and base
  • Minimal tooling cost for non-standards
  • Improved thermal performance
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