Industrial Solutions

Wakefield Thermal is a 700-employee-strong thermal solutions company with 500,000 square feet of global manufacturing capacity that has operated continuously for over 60 years, providing increasingly complex thermal solutions to meet the engineering challenges of ever-increasing heat densities. Thermal solutions categories include natural and forced convection, fluid phase change, liquid cooling, and a broad range of thermal accessories.

End-to-end manufacturing gives Wakefield Thermal exclusive control of the entire manufacturing process (overall thermal design, design for manufacturability, cost, quality, and lead times), which allows us to consistently deliver the highest quality Industrial Solutions at the lowest landed cost and shortest time to market of any manufacturer in the business.

Aluminum Extrusion:

Since 1952 Wakefield Thermal has been one of the largest extruders and fabricators in the East with 60 years of experience extruding and fabricating the most difficult profiles in the US. With four different aluminum extrusion presses we can extrude over 53 million pounds per year in our Pelham, New Hampshire facility.

Extrusion Capabilities:

Wakefield Thermal is one of the largest and most experienced extruder / fabricators in the industry, producing some of the most difficult cross-sectional profiles. Because we are a single-source supplier, we control and take full responsibility for every phase of the production process, including engineering and design, die creation, extrusion, fabrication, finishing, final assembly, and delivery.

Universal Joints:

Wakefield Thermal's Universal Joints from Alves are the ultimate products in motion linkage. All wear parts are heat-treated for increased life. The split block design provides a positive lubrication reservoir for long life and low wear. The pins move resistance-free within the bushings, while the bushings remain fixed with the yokes. Standard joints are produced from high-grade alloy steel for extra durability and each part of the same joint is completely interchangeable. All parts are produced to extremely close tolerances, and fitted exactly to meet the most rigid backlash requirements.

Machining Services:

Wakefield Thermal offers a number of quality Machining Services, as well as facilities that specialize in each of the following: Thermal Management & Aluminum Extrusion, Structural Aluminum Extrusion, Rugged Products & Electronic Packaging, and Thermal Management. We have the engineering expertise and the technical know-how to bring your vision to reality and get you the supplies you require for your application.

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