Double Sided Tape (DST)

Strong bond material designed to fill any voids in the device and heatsink.

Double Sided Tape

Wakefield Thermal accessory products such as DeltaCOATE™, DeltaBOND™, DeltaCAST™, DeltaPAD™, and 120/126 Series are designed for efficient thermal transfer, ease of use, and quick attachment. These chemicals are; filled epoxy systems; thermally conductive adhesives, casting resin, reinforced insulating pads, and thermal joint compounds, respectively. Zephyr™ 12VDC brushless box fans sized from 40mm to 120mm are also available!

Double-Sided Tapes (DST) are a common material generally used on small heatsinks. They vary in thickness and can be used to fill voids between the device and the heatsink. The DST also has mechanical strength to hold the heatsink in place. Some DST materials are better suited for plastic devices vs. metal, so make sure the final use is well understood.

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Double sided tape
Double sided tape diagram

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