Epoxy Products

High strength adhesives with a quick setting time to bond various thermal materials.


These high bond strength Epoxy adhesives are clear 100% solids, two component, non-sag adhesives with a quick setting time of 5-46 minutes at room temperature. They are excellent for bonding plated metals, pewter, glass, wood, ceramic, felt, cement, gem stones, most plastics and rubbers, etc. These adhesives were tested in our laboratory for flame retardancy properties. According to our test results they meet the requirements of UL94HB.

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These unique adhesives are ideally suited for a wide range of electronic, electrical, industrial, structural, and jewelry applications. These adhesives are also an excellent choice for field repairs. They are offered in the popular BondaTherm Equalizer Kit dual barrel cartridge dispensing system and bulk packaging.


  • Non-sag consistency
  • High bond strength
  • Fast room temperature cure – three speeds to choose from
  • Water and chemical resistance
  • Outstanding thermal shock resistance
  • 1:1 mix ratio
  • Impact resistance

BondaTherm Equalizer Kits:

There are also full BondaTherm Equalizer kits available to allow you to fully utilize your BondaTherm epoxy and create a strong thermal connection and transfer for your electronic device.

Features of the BondaTherm Equalizer Kits:

  • Eliminates improper ratios and mixing errors
  • Reduces material waste
  • Eliminates employee contact with resins
  • Eliminates messy mixing and transferring
  • Increases productivity
  • Resins are protected from moisture
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