Slimline DC Blowers

Wakefield Thermal's unique slim and powerful DC blowers are perfect for ultra-thin cooling applications, where cooling is a must. The Slimline blower features an ultra-thin blade design resulting in excellent performance & sound quality.

The Slim-Line Blower three-phase motor design provides exceptional balancing characteristics and low power consumption. Designed for tablets, notebooks, automotive, gaming monitors, all in one PC’s, or any other low-profile application, these powerful, ultra-thin, direct-diverting blowers can be as thin as 3.2mm


•IP-55 water protection rating
•Pulse width modulation control (PWM)
•Frequency generator output (FG signal/tach)
•Custom sizes and performances

Features & Benefits:

•Sizes include:
•Ultra Thin- as low as 3mm up to 10mm
•Various Footprints
•Custom sizes available Upon Request
•Operating temperature- -10°C to +70°C
•Long life- Rated 50,000 hours @ 40 °C
•Three-phase motor
•Optimized blade design
•Ultra-quiet (as low as 21db)
Suitable for automotive applications
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