Thermal Gap Pads

A low cost solution to fill voids between the heatsink and device, using ulTIMiFlux™ line of thermal interface material.

Gap Pads

Wakefield Thermal's ulTIMiFlux™ line of thermal interface materials offer high performance, low cost, configurability and custom sizes for your thermal system needs. Thermal Interface Materials (TIM) are a secondary material installed between the heatsink and the device which are designed to improve the thermal transfer to the heatsink. Regardless of how flat or smooth the device and heatsink are, there will always be small air voids between the two surfaces. Since air is a not a great conductor of heat, a TIM replaces the air and fills the voids. There are many types of TIMs and each has its best case usages.

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Wakefield Thermal's line of thermal gap filling pads are intended to fill a large void between a device and the heatsink. A gap pad is a compressible material most commonly used when there are multiple devices to be contacted to the heatsink, but all the different device heights make it difficult to use a thin material. These materials come in a variety of thicknesses, conductivities, and durometers to meet a wide range of needs.

Custom Sizes Available Upon Request

Features and Benefits

  • Excellent Thermal Conductivity
  • Natural Tackiness – no need for adhesive
  • Excellent Compression Characteristics
  • Good Wet-Out and Superb Flexibility
  • Excellent Converting Properties
  • RoHS and HF Compliant
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